Ergonomic Guitar Neck Fibo™

Based on individual hand anatomy and physiology

In terms of finding an ergonomic guitar neck profile that actually supports your fretting hand, our patent-pending innovation together with our effective algorithms help us to objectively define the ideal neck. We optimize the neck in various ways to support natural pathways and positioning of the thumb. This leads to more relaxed playing and ability to better reach difficult spots on the fretboard. It is not a question of how good your technique already is, there is no doubt that our Fibo™ and Fibo™ Custom necks will help a lot of players reach their full potential.

Fibo™ Custom

Fibo™Custom is our flagship ergonomic guitar neck model. What makes Fibo™Custom stand out from everything else on the market is the way it is defined by individual hand anatomy and physiology. In essence, this means that we design and build each custom neck based on features and functioning of the player’s own hand. For this, we measure not only different dimensions of the individual’s hand, but also mobility and functioning of various joints.

The level of detail that goes into making each custom neck profile is unparalleled. It is truly unique with nothing like it available elsewhere. Based on the measuring data, in addition to calculating the neck thickness and defining the profile/shape, we are able to recommend scale length, neck width and string spacing.

For an international customer, with the right tools within your reach, we can obtain the measuring data we need by guiding you through the measuring process step by step, by means of a video call and possible photos and/or scans of the hand. Also other methods for the measuring process are being developed.

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Fibo™ is a collection of different in size but comparable in design ergonomic guitar neck models delivering excellent ergonomics, superb playability and exceptional access, even on the lowest strings at the highest frets. Fibo™ is a prebuilt neck so it can be tested immediately where available.

Fibo™ Ultra Ergonomic Guitar Neck
Fibo™ Neck

The neck profile is shaped based on actual measurements of hand anatomy and physiology to support ultra relaxed functioning of the hand and positioning of the thumb along its natural pathways on the surface of the neck. It is based on the same patent pending innovation as our Fibo™ Custom, the difference being in the data used for customization.

Fibo™ Double Wedge Access
Fibo™ Double Wedge Access

The parameters for modeling and building the Fibo™ are derived from hand measurements of a large group of individuals sharing similar anatomy and physiology. Fibo™ is then very much like Fibo™ Custom, but representing a larger group of players making the incredible R-Go custom feel accessible for a much larger audience.

Fibo™ offers easy access to the incredible R-Go custom neck feel you definitely want to experience.

Fibo™ Ergonomic Guitar Neck Zones

Support Strip

Wrist flexion and extension affect the range of the span of relaxed fingers. This is due to a passive hand grasp-and-release mechanism called the tenodesis effect, a dynamic relationship between the musculotendinous system of the wrist and hand. When it comes to obtaining as relaxed as possible four fret finger span in the lower register, the optimal angle of wrist flexion differs in each position. This in turn affects the angle and projected location of a relaxed thumb on the neck. The shape and location of the Support Strip is based on these factors. It both supports and guides truly ergonomic positioning of the thumb and the wrist.

Central Support Plane

The Central Support Plane functions as an important central support and guide area and provides a flat surface for the thumb to be placed on in many types of hand grips. It is designed to support the thumb’s tendency to move to–and not block it from–the Support Strip and the Double Wedge Access zones.

Double Wedge Access

The Double Wedge Access provides a relaxed pathway for the thumb when moving towards higher registers on the neck. Turning the forearm to point more towards the body of the guitar leads the relaxed thumb progressively deeper into the neck. By its design the Double Wedge Access makes this not only possible, but ergonomical and easy, allowing superb playability even on the lowest strings in high register positions.

Common problem of a blocked thumb

Blocked thumb happens when at any contact point along its length the wood of the neck pushes it backwards or blocks it from falling where it actually wants to fall when relaxed. This adds unintended tension to the hand and fretting fingers and has a generally negative impact leading to increased stiffness on the playing technique.

Blocked thumb can often be avoided by adjusting the angle of the wrist and its proximal joints of the arm. However, the angle of the wrist has a direct effect on how the fretting fingers when relaxed are spread and positioned on the fretboard and the result can be highly unergonomic. Also, trying to compensate for the blocked thumb many times leads to otherwise bad playing position with limiting effects on the joints.

Fibo™ neck is designed to eliminate the problem of the blocked thumb, to support natural pathways and angles of the thumb and wrist, and at the same time help fretting fingers achieve easy and similar playability all across the fretboard.

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